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What would you do if your weekly auction prep time could be reduced significantly, even to the extent of less than a day?


We are a Salvage Industry Association Committed To Improving the buying And Selling Process With A Fast & Affordable Solution. We Revolutionize Salvage Vehicle Transaction Experience.

Our common goal and purpose are to reduce the time, cost, and inconvenience associated with the current system in the Salvage Industry.


Vehicles and in particular steel were recycled at a low rate. That was until World War 2. Where the need for steel was greatly increased. Then vehicles started to grow in numbers and more and more collisions occurred. Many people were hurt and damages occurred. As time went on governments started mandating people who drove vehicles must maintain insurance to pay for the cost of the injuries sustained by occupants of vehicles that were in a collision. There was a natural progression to also include the cost of repairing or replacing the vehicles that were damaged in a collision.

In the early years, that process was handled locally by car auctions and individuals that saw a need or an opportunity. The salvage sale started off small and vehicles were cheap. A single-digit percentage of their original value. As time went on the value of repairing a vehicle increased and the insurance companies needed to recoup a higher percentage of the original value.

These 2 factors among others led to a specialization of providers that could drive the value of the vehicles damaged in collisions and other forms of damage higher and higher.

Creating a Simpler & Affordable Salvage Vehicle Ecommerce Solution

At National Salvage Direct Association (NASADA), we focus on simplifying the salvage vehicle transaction procedure. By altering a few significant steps in the traditional process, like providing our services to the insurance company at an earlier point or keeping the vehicles in the same storage facility until they are sold, adding key information to listings, providing multiple purchasing options, through direct payments and other features we aim to help you:

  • Avoid unnecessary costs
  • Speed up the process of sale preparation
  • Arm you with the tools needed to succeed
  • Process transactions electronically
  • Complete a transaction within a few minutes

A New Era For The Salvage Vehicle Industry

Being an original association operating in the salvage field, we will bring change to the industry. Utilizing technology coupled with our knowledge and experience in the sector, we’re here to introduce an efficient alternative to people who want to tackle this challenge with maximum comfort and minimum stress.

Dealing With The Salvage Vehicle Market Complexities?

As a buyer or seller in the salvage vehicle disposal market, you must prepare yourself to face a long list of challenges. Purchasing or selling a salvage vehicle comes with multiple money- and time-consuming steps they may seem overwhelming, making you feel hesitant and even unwilling to move on with the transaction. How can those steps be improved and the cost lower?


Why trust NASADA?


Get Everything Done On-Time

At NASADA, you can buy or sell 24/7!

Our super-fast system sends you instant notifications via email or SMS texts when vehicles you prefer are available. Once the sale is completed, you will also get the paperwork within the next 24 hours.


Skip The Extra Costs

Our modern process allows us to cut down by half or even more storage costs, sale fees, and towing costs helping you sell or get your next salvage vehicle without spending a fortune.


Complete Transactions With Confidence

Our listings come with “Buy Now” and “Best Offer” options and are highly specific to help you make the right choice. All the transactions are tracked to ensure a problem-free process while the payment goes directly to the seller.